About us


The idea to establish a confectionery company came to Dzintars together with his wife Adele, because at that time in Līvāni, a housewife baked a cake from scalded dough at home with fresh cocoa cream, which the locals called “Ladies’ fingers”. Realizing that it is impossible to buy such delicacies every day, they decided that it was time to act. And so in 1994 the company SIA “Daugulis & Partneri” was founded, and during these years the assortment of this popular cake has significantly expanded.


Having successfully operated in retail and a small confectionery shop, they were not able to meet the demand, they also realized that there were not enough places and they had to look for other production premises. And so, in 1997, the administrative building of the old brick factory was purchased, it was partially renovated and bread production began. The factory still operates in these premises to this day.

Expanding production and product range, a toast factory was opened in 2001, and in 2008 a new biscuit factory opened its doors. One of the company’s most popular products in recent years is clearly muffins. With the start of production of muffins in small premises, it quickly became clear that demand exceeded supply. Thanks to the EU Structural Funds, the renovation of the 3rd floor of the building was started, which was completed in 2020.

As a result of long-term and successful cooperation, the Latvian-Danish joint venture SIA “MAX BAKERY” was established in 2019, which is located in Daugavpils. It is a modern factory with new, modern equipment, which tends to produce products for the Northern European market.


The family is very important to a person, it is also the main value of our company, therefore both sons work in the company, together with its founders – parents.

Nowadays, the consumer is becoming more and more demanding, paying much more attention to the ingredients of the product, therefore the bakery in Līvāni also tries to offer customers products with as few preservatives as possible, without the use of GMOs, and preferring raw materials produced in Latvia. The recipes are also unique because they are self-developed.


The company’s products can be purchased in the largest retail chains in Latvia and, of course, in the company’s store “Monikas Beķereja” in Līvāni. New – our goods can also be purchased online, on our website www.daugulis.lv

Sower Award 2020

On October 7, at the National Library of Latvia, Riga, Minister of Agriculture Kaspars Gerhards and President Egils Levits congratulated the winners of the Ministry of Agriculture competition “Sējējs 2020” – farmers, including young farmers, food producers and small groups.
Nomination “Company of the Year in Food Production” – SIA “Daugulis & partneri”, Līvāni